A video chat with strangers on bazoocam: pros and cons

Omegle is considered one of the most famous video chats in the world. It is not surprising because this web service was the first of its kind. The website omegle.com was launched on March 25, 2009 and the first analog appeared just six months later. Bazoocam way of working is to connect completely random site users. At the same time, communication is completely anonymous – you know nothing about each other. No name, no geolocation, no interests. All of this can be learned during conversations.

The meaning of Omegle cannot be denied. After all, it was he who started the era of anonymous video chats, which continues today. In the past ten years, hundreds, if not thousands, of analogues have appeared. Among them, there are those who are strongly inferior to the “primary source” and those who win on many points. And today we want to examine the main pros and cons of Omegle compared to similar services, in addition to providing some interesting alternatives.

Advantages of Bazoocam for users

As one of the first in the world, Omegle video chat offered some special opportunities for users. Nowadays, the advantages of the service include the following.

1. Use without registration. To start using Omegle, you don’t need to register, fill out your profile, go through account verification and so on. You simply access the site, choose the type of chat and start chatting with strangers. There is no need to take extra actions.

2. A text and video chat. Today, many Omegle alternatives offer video-only communication. Omegle’s developers understand that this format is not for everyone. Therefore, the website has the possibility of communicating by text. Just click on the Text or Video button on the main page.

3. Possibility to indicate your interests. You can write your interests in a separate field so that the system selects the most suitable interlocutors for you. This makes searching easier and helps algorithms find chat partners more quickly. Likewise, you can choose the language of the communication.

4. A chat for students . It is a very specific but useful function. You can enter your university’s official email address, after which the system will connect you only to other students at the same university.

5. A really large user base. Visit the Omegle website at any time of the day and you will find 20-25 thousand people online. This is really a lot. This is much more than it has most of the similar features.

Some heavy drawbacks

Unfortunately, Omegle also has some drawbacks. To some, they will seem insignificant but certainly not the most pleasant. And it is worth talking about them as opposed to the advantages.

1. Moderation not well suited. She was never Omegle’s forte, that’s true. Here you can still find fake accounts, bots, all kinds of advertising streams or simply inappropriate users. In that sense, there are already many sites like Omegle but with better moderation.

2. Inability to choose the interlocutor by sex. For those looking for potential dating, this is a major disadvantage. It is impossible to indicate sex here – you will be connected with men and women. The same is true with age. In addition, many Omegle analogs allow you to define these parameters.

3. An outdated interface. Yes, in principle, it does not affect usability. Still, Omegle’s interface seems downright outdated and completely impersonal. And it is at this time that beautiful and functional websites can be created in the simplest online builders.

4. Slow development. While other sites try to continually develop, expand functionality, introduce a competent moderation system and improve in all aspects, Omegle is stagnating. New functions are rare. Sometimes it seems that developers just go with the flow and do nothing.

5. Popularity. Omegle’s popularity made a cruel joke with this video chat. People want something new and look at Omegle as archaic and outdated. And it’s hard to blame them for that. There is some truth to this.

With all these disadvantages, the site is still very popular in today’s world and attracts thousands of users daily. However, it is not worth stopping only at Omegle. After all, there are really many worthy alternatives.

What are Bazoocam alternatives?

If you don’t like the Omegle website or just aren’t happy with the functionality of Omegle, consider alternatives. There are some really interesting among them:

1. Shagle – a platform where you can indicate not only the sex of the interlocutor in the search but also his geolocation. These settings are enough to put Shagle ahead of Omegle. These are very useful especially if you are looking for a person to meet in real life.

2. CooMeet – an interesting feature that also allows you to choose the gender of the interlocutor. If you are a man, you can only communicate with girls because the site it will not connect you to other men. So, if you want to flirt or even find a soul mate, CooMeet is for you.

3. Chatrandom – a very functional and rapidly developing website. Here you can choose not only the sex and geolocation of the interlocutor but also use additional functions. For example, you can visit one of the many themed rooms – “Dating”, “Dating”, “Flirting” and so on.

4. Bazoocam– a site with excellent moderation. Although the functionality here is not as abundant as in many of its counterparts, Bazoocam is a very popular video chat. It is almost impossible to find fake accounts, bots, advertisers and inappropriate people here. For many, this is enough to make Bazoocam their favorite video chat.

You can freely use each of the listed sites as an alternative to Omegle. Of course, all of them are also not without flaws. There is no ideal video chat. But these features are at least trying to get closer to the ideal, not just copying Omegle’s functionality.

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