Revolution in Online Dating: Omegle for Those Who Love Communication

The Internet offers enormous opportunities for each of us when looking for new acquaintances and there are many ways to do it.

We offer to take a brief look at each of them as well as the video chats. Precisely these became the real revolution about ten years ago.

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ТОP-5 Internet Dating Methods

Method №1. Dating Sites and Apps

There are good reasons for them to be at the top of our list. These sites are specifically designed for future release. Namely, to create a serious relationship. You have to try, Tinder, OkCupid, and their analogues. In the relationship between time spent and search efficiency, they are leaders.

Method №2. Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are just a small part of the popular social networks used by millions of people around the world. Here you can easily find contacts and chat with other users in your city, region or country. And if you want, you can even expand the search area to other countries and continents. The main thing is not to be too intrusive, because not everyone uses social networks to communicate with strangers.

Method №3. Conventional chats and instant messengers

Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp are very convenient applications for communication. And thanks to the presence of all kinds of public chats, you can meet a lot of new people of interest. For example, the Telegram messenger has the function of finding close people. This is very convenient if you want to meet someone literally within walking distance.

Method №4. Thematic forums

Currently the activity of forums such as Badoo has decreased significantly compared to previous years. Yet millions of people continue to use them. It is enough to find a forum whose topic is interesting to you, include suitable interlocutors in the dialogue and continue the communication in a format convenient for you. One of the main advantages of this method is that it is easier to find a common language with people interested in the same thing as you. It can be anything: literature, music, movies, gadgets, and much more.

Method №5. Online video chats

This is one of the newest and truly revolutionary formats for finding new acquaintances. Just go to the site, literally press a button, after which the system will select a random interlocutor for you. This possibility is relatively recently, as Internet speed increases. Therefore, the first video chats began to appear only in the early 2000s. Some of the leaders are Omegle, CooMeet, Shagle, Chatspin. But there are actually many more. The popularity of each of them in different countries varies.

Why did Omegle video chat become revolutionary?

Before the first online video chats appeared, Web users had few ways to communicate. In most cases, it was a normal chat or email. And even then they weren’t used that often. Most still found it easier to call or write a short SMS message. Online dating prior to the 2000s was extremely rare even in developed countries. Not to mention other regions.

Years passed, the Internet became faster and access to it was cheaper. The emergence of new modes of communication was only a matter of time. Omegle became the “Pioneer” among video chats. The service started on March 25, 2009, it was created by a very young developer, eighteen-year-old American Leif K-Brooks . The service, as they say, “shot up” and in the following years became a true example and the ground for the emergence of many.

Omegle has opened up completely new opportunities for users:

1. Animated dialogue with people from almost anywhere in the world. You can never know exactly who the next person will be and where they come from.

2. Constant effect of surprise. Omegle is used by completely different people with their interests, behavior and way of communication. There are many different ways to view this variety, but it adds a lot more excitement than normal chat.

3. Communication is almost real. Omegle more than ever brought the dialogue on the Internet to the real thing. See a person online, observe their facial expressions, gestures, emotions, and mood. No other format will give this.

Another important factor in favor of the online video chat revolution was its free form. Omegle set the trend for free, and the rest followed. There are no closed VIP chats, paid registration and all kinds of restrictions. Just free communication in a convenient format.

Of course, there are exceptions, but they are few. For example, the CooMeet site mentioned above provides trial access to video communications with the opposite sex. And if you like this service alternative to Omegle then to use without restrictions you must pay. The paid basis allows the administration of the resource to track counterfeits, monitor communication security and constantly improve the site. If you want an interesting and proper dialogue, paid resources are worth considering.

Will video chats lose their popularity in the future?

Most likely they will lose. This trend is observed even now. The peak of the popularity of online video chat occurred in 2010-2012, after which the number of users began to decline. Yet even now on popular online sites there are around 10,000 people at any given time of the day.

Even if, after a few years, video chats that work in the Omegle format will not be so relevant, they cannot be underestimated in the development of the principles of Internet communication. After all, they allowed millions of people to expand their borders, find new friends and partner, overcome stiffness, and just have a good time.

And if for some reason you have not yet discovered such a format for communication, now is the time to do so. Don’t hesitate, you can find good partners on any of the popular online dating resources.

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