The secret to the success and popularity of Omegle web chat

Social networks, instant messengers, microbologists like Twitter are just a small part of the methods of communication on the Web available to modern people. But they are united by one principle – you know who you are writing to, because you yourself choose with whom you will communicate. But there is also an alternative – online video chats, where the choice of the interlocutor is random. That is, you just go to a site or application, the system picks up a random person for you and connects you to him. Chatroulette has become the most popular of these services in Runet. But in the English-speaking segment, Omegle is in the lead. Let’s talk about him.

The highlights of Omegle

Omegle service was launched more than 10 years ago – on March 25, 2009. Its author was eighteen-year-old American Leif K-Brooks. At that time, there were practically no analogues of Omegle. The mentioned Chat Roulette appeared only six months later. Not surprisingly, in less than a month, Omegle was visited 150,000 times. This is a very large indicator. Especially considering that this was 2009, when Internet technologies were not yet as advanced as they are today. Approximate statistics for the beginning of 2020 are as follows: the number of visits per month – almost 30 million; the number of regular visitors – 7 million; the ratio of visits from computers and smartphones is 35% and 65%, respectively. From smartphones it is almost twice as much. This is a really huge amount. Even when compared with other similar resources.

Omegle is better than other similar sites

First and foremost, Omegle was one of the first. Most analogs simply copied its functionality. The site itself is very “light”, instantly loaded both from a computer and from a smartphone / tablet. The system quickly finds an interlocutor for you. In addition, you can immediately indicate your interests so that Omegle will look for you to chat about certain topics. This makes it much easier to communicate with a stranger. Do not forget about anonymity. Omegle does not provide the interlocutor with any data about you, which is very important nowadays. Whether to share some confidential information is up to you. But we do not recommend doing this. You cannot know for what purpose the interlocutor clarifies your name, city of residence and other data.


Who should try Omegle? Anyone who is looking for new acquaintances, loves communication and just needs interlocutors of interest. But is Omegle limited to communication only? Of course no. Often site visitors use such services, for example, to “pump” their English or other foreign language for free. This is a great opportunity to chat with native speakers and improve your own language skills. After all, practical training is now quite expensive. And here you can do it for free! If you love meeting new people and with the same interests as yours, Omegle is what you need. Communication here does not oblige you to anything at all, but if you wish, you can arrange a personal meeting. The main thing is to remember the safety rules on the Internet. Take your time to share personal information with strangers.

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