Communication on the Internet has already reached a completely new level in recent years. Social networks, instant messaging, Twitter microbologies – these are only a small part of the means of communication on the Web, available to modern man. But they are united by one principle – you know who you are writing to, because you choose who you will communicate with.

But there is an alternative – online video chats, where the caller is randomly selected. This means that you just visit a website or application and the system randomly selects you and connects you to them. In the runet, Chatroulette is currently the most popular of these sites. But in the English-speaking segment, Omegle remains at the forefront. Just about him and will be discussed below.

A brief history of video chat

Omegle service was launched over 10 years ago, on March 25, 2009. Its author was the eighteen-year-old American Leif K-Brooks. At that time, there were no analogues of Omegle. The aforementioned Chat Roulette appeared only half a year later.

No wonder that during this time (less than a month) Omegle has been visited by 150,000 times. This is a very significant signal. Especially considering that it was 2009, when Internet technologies were not as advanced as they are today. The approximate statistics at the beginning of 2020 are as follows:

  • monthly number of visits – almost 30 million;
  • number of regular visitors – 7 million;
  • the visitor rate from computers and smartphones is 35% and 65% respectively.

From smartphones, it turns out, almost twice as many. This is really a huge number. Even if you compare with other similar resources.

Why Omegle remains the leader among roulette chats

First and foremost – Omegle – is one of the first. Most of the analogs simply copied its functionality. The site itself is very “light”, instantly loaded from both the computer and the smartphone / tablet.

The system will find you an interlocutor fairly quickly. What’s more, you can immediately indicate your interests so that Omegle looks for lovers of communicating on the topics you provide. This way it is much easier to start a conversation with a stranger.

Don’t forget about anonymity. Omegle does not provide the caller with any data about you, which is very important these days. Whether to share confidential information – it’s up to you to decide. But we don’t recommend doing this. You cannot know for what purpose the interlocutor is asking for your name and surname, city of residence and other data.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps, the only significant drawback of the Omegle website for Russian-speaking users is that the resource is completely English-speaking. But overall it’s not a problem – it’s all intuitive. Among the advantages of Omegle, the following can be distinguished:

  • almost instant connection with the interlocutor;
  • high image and sound quality (if you and your interlocutor use good webcams);
  • the ability to use the site directly from the phone without downloading the application;
  • text and video chat – to choose from;
  • by adding interests or hobbies, you can find the most suitable interlocutors;
  • you can use the chat of your university by entering its address – the system will select interlocutors from your university.

Let us remind you that the resource can be used only from the age of 18. From the age of 13, this is only possible with parental consent. This is what it says on the home page of this site. In addition, before starting communication, you determine the language in which you want to communicate. Consequently, if you choose Russian, Omegle will only connect you with Russian speaking users. It is very convenient.

Usage options and function value

Omegle has no paid options – all of the site’s tools are completely free, no matter what device you use. Overall, there are two main options for using Omegle:

  1.  Text chat – for those users who want to chat with new people, but don’t like video dialogue (shy or just don’t want to show themselves to strangers). In text chat, you communicate on any topic, just like in regular chat, which was popular at the beginning of the century.
  2.  Video chat. A webcam is required for a video call. You can use Omegle from your smartphone with the front camera. As the statistics above show, over 60% of website visitors use smartphones.

Like other similar online communication services, Omegle allows you to interrupt your communication with your interlocutor at any time if you decide to stop the conversation for objective or subjective reasons. The system, if necessary, will immediately start looking for a new person and connect you with them. You can also completely disconnect and leave the site.

A unique way to meet new people and communicate

Who should try Omegle? Anyone looking for new friends loves communication and just needs interlocutors about their hobbies. But are Omegle’s capabilities limited to communication only? Of course not.

Often visitors to the site use such services, for example to “improve” their English or another foreign language for free. This is a great opportunity to talk to native speakers and improve your language skills. After all, practical classes are now quite expensive. And here you can do it for free!

If you like meeting new people, and even with the same hobbies you have, Omegle is just what you need. Communication here absolutely does not oblige you to anything, but if you want, you can make an appointment in person. The main thing – remember the rules of Internet safety. Take your time to share personal information with strangers.

By the way, you can see at any time how many people are online on the site right now. This information is displayed in the site’s “header” and is tracked online. Discover unlimited live chat with Omegle. We recommend that you try this method of communication. You must like it!

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